Housing Element Update: 6th Cycle Element 2021-2029

The City of Signal Hill is excited to share the State Certified Housing Element Update. Thank you to everyone who read and asked questions and commented on drafts!

Please read the full Certified Housing Element (PDF) document.

For information on the proposed Housing Sites, please see the Current Projects page.

Temporary Outdoor Areas for Restaurants and Businesses

Temporary outdoor service or dining areas may be established for existing businesses and restaurants with current business licenses on private property, in private parking, or landscape areas, until further notice. To submit a plan for temporary outdoor dining, please use our Temporary Outdoor Dining Guide (PDF). To submit a plan for non-food-service temporary business areas, please use our Temporary Outdoor Business Areas Guide (PDF).


Planning Services implements the goals, policies, and objectives of the community as established in the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. This includes:

  • Making recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on updates and amendments to the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance
  • Performing environmental reviews consistent with the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act
  • Reviewing and approving applications not subject to discretionary review by the Planning Commission or City Council
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council regarding development applications

A Neighbor’s Guide to Development

Check out A Neighbor’s Guide to Development (PDF), a guide created by City planners to provide Signal Hill residents and property owners an overview of the planning process for any new development in the City.

Accessory Dwelling Units

For questions regarding Accessory Dwelling Units, please see our Summary of State Standards (PDF) or the 2022 ADU Handbook (PDF) If you need information about a specific property, please contact Planning Services.

Permit Review

Permit files are available for review during business hours.

Parking Information

Some ideas for parking options.

Thinking Green

The following resources provide information about green building:

Site Prospector

Available Sites

The City of Signal Hill has partnered with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments to offer the “Site Prospector” website. Site Prospector is an online database that enables prospective business owners, manufacturers, developers, real estate agents, and others to search for available office, industrial, retail or vacant site locations in Signal Hill. Below is a list of sample sites for sale or lease:

  • Hathaway Business Center
  • Signal Hill Business Park
  • Towne Center Office Park
  • Walnut Business Center
  • Walnut Avenue Business Park

Site Prospector also offers tools such as heat maps, layers and various demographic reports such as labor force, education levels and consumer spending for site specific locations or the City as a whole. Please contact the Community Development Department for further information.


For a snapshot of Signal Hill demographic information, visit the Demographics & Housing Statistics page.