Community Development

Housing Element Plan 2021-2029

You can help the City identify housing needs and areas within the community appropriate for housing by participating in the Housing Element Update 2021-2029! Every eight years, California law requires that all cities and counties update their plan to address housing needs for everyone in the community. Help Signal Hill come up with a plan to provide enough affordable housing options for our working families, seniors, and young professionals and to ensure children who grow up here can afford to remain in the community. Visit our Planning Department page to learn more, or read our FAQ document.

Temporary Outdoor Areas for Restaurants and Businesses

Temporary outdoor service or dining areas may be established for existing businesses and restaurants with current business licenses on private property, in private parking, or landscape areas, until further notice.

View the Temporary Outdoor Dining Guide (PDF).

To submit a plan for non-food-service temporary business areas, please use our Temporary Outdoor Business Areas Guide (PDF).

Responsibilities and Services

The Community Development Department performs a variety of services intended to protect, maintain, and develop an attractive, safe, and healthy environment for residents and the business community. The department's primary function is to oversee property development and land use activities in the City.

Planning Commission

Select this link to view the Planning Commission Agenda for this month's meeting (may take a few seconds to download).

Building Safety reviews construction plans, tracks interdepartmental reviews, issues permits, and provides inspectionsto ensure code compliance.

Neighborhood Enhancement services include initiating and managing code enforcement actions and supporting the Sustainable City Committee.

Oil Field Services

Enforces noise, safety, and appearance provisions to the Oil Code.

Planning Services 

  • Providing staff support for the Planning Commission
  • Providing technical assistance regarding the rules and regulations for the development of private property
  • Reviewing and managing development projects consistent with the provisions of the General Plan and Municipal Code
  • Provide information on housing and population estimates. You may also visit the State Department of Finance.