Geographic Information Systems

To view available maps, applications, and data, please visit the City's Open Data Portal.

The City of Signal Hill utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create detailed and accurate maps that display information in a spatial context. GIS is a powerful tool that allows the City to analyze and visualize data related to various aspects of the community, such as zoning, infrastructure, and environmental features.

By incorporating multiple data layers into GIS software, the City can create comprehensive maps that offer insights into complex spatial relationships. These maps and applications are used by various departments within the City, including Public Works, Community Development, Community Services, and Police, to make informed decisions about capital improvements, land use, development, public safety, and other critical issues.

ZoningMap_20230411Map Document: Official Zoning Map

Public Use Maps

The City of Signal Hill also uses GIS to create public use maps that provide valuable information to residents, businesses, and visitors. These maps may include information such as the locations of parks and public facilities, property data, and active projects.

By making these maps available to the public, the City can help residents and visitors navigate the community more effectively and discover new places to explore. The public use maps may be available in both digital application and static document formats, and may be accessed through the City's website or the City's Open Data Portal.

Web Application: Pavement Under Moratorium

Improving Transparency and Community Engagement

GIS helps the City of Signal Hill to improve transparency and engage with the community by providing accessible and informative maps that facilitate better decision-making and enhance quality of life. The use of GIS technology enables the City to better understand the geographic and environmental factors that impact the community and to plan for its future growth and development.

Parks and Facilities MapMap Document: Parks & Facilities Map

If you have any questions or feedback about the City's GIS efforts, please contact the Public Works Management Assistant, Ethan Rucker, by email at, or by phone at (562) 989-7353.