Streets & Maintenance Operations


The Public Works Department's Maintenance Operations Division is responsible for the maintenance of the City’s:

Pavement Management Plan

The City of Signal Hill has the fiduciary and physical authority as well as the responsibility for upkeep of approximately 18.9 section miles of major arterial roadways and 17.4 miles of local City streets within its boundaries. This includes annual maintenance activities such as crack sealing, street patching, sweeping, slurry seal, as well as structural maintenance of the street system using overlay and reconstruction strategies. The City has made a commitment to its residents to provide a systematic program of street rehabilitation and repair in order to assure that the City’s streets are safe, functional, and provided at a reasonable cost to meet the needs of our residents and the traveling public.

The purpose of a Pavement management Plan (PMP) is to provide planning and management tools that continually assess existing pavement conditions, predict future pavement conditions, and forecast pavement maintenance needs for budgeting capital improvement projects. 

On August 23, 2022, the 2022 PMP was presented to City Council, Residents can view the 2022 PMP (PDF) in its entirety online.

Request for Information / Services

For further information or to submit a request for maintenance services, please complete a Citizen Request Form.