Electric Vehicle Charging

EV Charging Locations

Two stations are currently located at the Upper Civic Center Parking Lot, 1919 E. Hill Street.


EV owners who wish to use the stations will be charged a fee of $0.55 per Kilowatt Hour for use of a station. Additional charges may apply.

EV Charging Availability

All four charging stations are available for use 24/7, and you can view which ones are currently in use with the ChargePoint Interactive Map.


You'll need to register with the ChargePoint Network prior to using our EV charging stations. You can then use the ChargePoint app on your smartphone, or the membership card that ChargePoint will send you once you create your account.

To activate an Electrical Vehicle Charging Station, hold your ChargePoint membership card or RFID credit card to the front of the display screen. If you do not have a ChargePoint card or RFID credit card, you can call the toll free number printed on the station. After activating the station, the holster will unlock and you can begin charging your vehicle. Be sure to watch the video above. You can find more detailed information on ChargePoint's website.

Visit http://www.chargepoint.com/, or call 888-758-4389 for payment, membership and ChargePoint Network information.