Film Permit Application

Film permit applications must be submitted at least 10 business days before filming can commence. Please review and complete the film permit application (PDF), including the following information:

  • Filming location, dates, and times.
  • Description of filming activities.
  • Proof of Insurance. The applicant, at the applicant's own expense, must procure and maintain for the entire term of the permit a policy of general liability insurance (no less than $1,000,000) naming the City as additional insured for third party liabilities for any action arising out of the filming activities.

Additional considerations:

  • If filming is going to be conducted at a City park, a special permit may be required including additional fees for the use of public spaces. Please contact the Community Services Department at 562-989-7330 for more information/pricing. 
  • If required, contact the Los Angeles County Fire Department for any special permits.
  • Read and follow all of the rules and regulations in the Municipal Code Chapter 5.14 Filming Activities.

Film Permit Fees are as follows:

  • Base Fee: $265.00
  • Sign Posting: Amount determined by Public Works based on actual costs.
  • Oversize Vehicle Parking Permit: Obtained from Signal Hill Police Department.

Student Film Permits

  • Film permits are also required for student productions and are exempt from the business license requirement and fee. 
  • Student productions must have a letter from the school.
  • Proof of insurance from the university/school is required.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Community Services Department at 562-989-7374.