Water Supply


The City of Signal Hill operates its own municipal water system. Signal Hill’s water supply consists of groundwater produced from the Central Basin and the purchase of treated surface water from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). Approximately 90% of the city’s water supply comes from its groundwater production wells, which are located in north Long Beach, and the remaining water supply is purchased from the MWD. The city pays a replenishment assessment to the Water Replenishment District (WRD) for each acre-foot of water that is pumped out of the Central Basin. The WRD is responsible for managing the water levels in the Central Basin.

Local Groundwater Supply

The local groundwater supply originates from the San Gabriel mountains to the north, traveling down the San Gabriel River watershed and slowly making its way underground into the Central Basin, where it is pumped by our groundwater production wells. The city’s two groundwater production wells are drilled to depths of approximately 1,000 feet and are capable of producing a combined flow of approximately 2,300 gallons per minute. The MWD supply comes from the Colorado River through the district's aqueduct system and from the Sacramento River / San Joaquin Delta via the state water project.

Municipal Water System

The City of Signal Hill operates a municipal water system consisting of:

  • Approximately 50 miles of distribution and transmission pipeline
  • One groundwater treatment facility
  • One MWD imported water connection
  • Over 2,900 water service connections
  • Three booster pump stations
  • Three storage reservoirs
  • Two groundwater production wells