Narcotic Activity

Concerned About Narcotic Activity in Your Neighborhood?

Narcotic activity is actively investigated when we are made aware of it either via a citizen complaint or from an arrest. We depend on the community to provide information about possible narcotic activity that may be occurring in their neighborhood. If you are suspicious about activity that may be narcotic-related, look for the following indicators:

  • Heavy foot or vehicle traffic (stopping at a home for brief periods)
  • Odd car behavior (visitors sitting in cars after leaving the residence or one person remaining in the car while the other runs in for a brief visit)
  • Regular activity during late night hours (drug users tend to stay up at night and conduct most of their drug activity during those hours)
  • "Lookouts" (frequently younger people who hang around the area during heavy traffic hours)
  • People bringing "valuables" to a neighbor's residence (visitors bringing valuable items such as TVs, cameras, bikes, etc., and leaving empty-handed)
  • Exchanges of money or packages (usually through windows, mail slots, and under doorways)
  • Various obvious signs (exchange of money for small packages, narcotic paraphernalia including syringes, pipes, etc. left in area, people using drugs while sitting in their cars)
  • Failure to pay debts (ignoring bills, maintenance, and housekeeping as drug usage increases and money decreases)
  • People appearing to be under the influence

If you believe drug activity may be occurring in your neighborhood, please call 562-989-7200 to report the suspicious activity.