COVID-19 Update: All facility rentals and group use of park shelters are suspended until further notice. We are not issuing permits at this time. Please follow all social distancing orders while using our parks. Please stay six feet apart from others at all times and wear a cloth face covering while at public facilities if you are not vaccinated. Basketball courts, trails and other outdoor park amenities are closed. Please abide by all signage and do not enter blocked-off areas.
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Hilltop Park


  1. Barbecue Areas
  2. Picnic Tables
  3. Restrooms
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Size & Facilities

The size of Hilltop Park is 3.2 acres. 

  • No taco carts allowed
  • No canopies/tents allowed
  • Children's parties not permitted in Hilltop Park

Available facilities include:

 Item Shelter 1 or 2 (Adult Events Only)  Wedding/Open Grass Space
(3 hr Minimum/Maximum) 
Resident Rate $30  $80/hr
Non-Resident Rate $90 $120/hr
Refundable Damage Deposit $50 $100
Non-Refundable Damage Deposit $10 $30
Maximum Number of People 25 75
(Shelter rentals are limited to 4 hours)

Hilltop Park Map (includes wedding spaces)

Download the Facility Use Application.