Commissions & Committees

Commission & Committee Facts

The City of Signal Hill has three commissions and two committees.

The following links provide information about meetings, members, agendas, minutes, and responsibilities:

Signal Hill Municipal Code Sections 2.32.040, 2.36.020, and 2.80.045 states that no person who holds office in the city government or who is employed by the City shall be appointed to a commission.

The Sustainable City Committee includes two members of the City Council, who are appointed by a majority vote of the City Council.


Commission/Committee                Compensation

Planning Commission                            $125 per month

Parks & Recreation Commission           $75 per meeting

Civil Service Commission                      $75 per meeting

Sustainable City Committee                   No compensation provided

Diversity Coalition Committee                No compensation provided

The Signal Hill Municipal Code Sections 2.32.090(D), 2.36.070(D), and 2.80.052(D) states that a commissioner who misses any regular commission meeting due to an unexcused absence, shall not be entitled to receive that portion of their regular monthly salary for such meeting, except that if any additional regular or special meeting is held that month and the commissioner attends such meeting, then the commissioner shall be entitled to their regular monthly salary, without deduction.

Service on a Commission/Committee

Commission seats are filled through an application process. Interested residents including incumbent commissioners must apply. Commissioner candidates are interviewed and selected during a noticed public meeting of the City Council. Commissioners may serve on only one of the three commissions.