Dispatch Bureau

Dispatchers in front of dispatch desk


Dispatchers/jailers provide information to field units for service calls and officer-initiated activity. Their responsibilities include:

  • Answering 911 emergency calls for service
  • Gathering critical information and providing it to field units in a timely fashion
  • Questioning callers to determine if a police response is warranted and if so, at what level
  • Answering routine calls for service via business lines
  • Responding to individuals in the station lobby who are requesting police assistance
  • Performing warrant, driving status, and criminal history checks on persons detained in the field
  • Providing calling parties with information when other City departments are closed
  • Providing Records Bureau functions to on-duty personnel and outside agencies after routine business hours


Dispatchers/jailers receive extensive state-certified classroom training and up to six months of one-on-one training with experienced trainers.