Heritage Square Central Business District

Project Overview

The applicant, Signal Hill Petroleum, is proposing to develop a mixed-use project on the undeveloped properties south and west of Mother’s Market. The project consists of one-story retail and food service businesses with a two-story view-oriented restaurant on the eastern portion of the site, with a residential component which is still in the conceptual design phase. The previous concept of a 199-unit three- and four-story multi-family residential structure wrapped around a parking structure on the western portion of the site, has been replaced with a three-story detached townhome concept facing the commercial area with single-family dwellings fronting on Rose Avenue. The project is currently in preliminary stages. Please check back for updates.

Project Timeline

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December 4, 2018 Community Meeting Presentations:

Meeting Introduction: Scott Charney, Community Development Director (PDF)

Presentation One: Signal Hill Petroleum (PDF)

Presentation Two: Michael Baker (PDF)

Presentation Three: Colleen Doan, Planning Manager (PDF)

Conceptual Project Plans (PDF)


In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), all development projects, unless exempt, require an environmental review, a determination of potential impacts, and mitigation measures to reduce any impacts. CEQA provides a check list of nearly 20 potential impact factors to be reviewed for all projects. Larger projects typically require a more detailed review. Since the Heritage Square project proposes nearly 200,000 square feet of new development, multiple uses, and establishment of a new Specific Plan of Development, the City circulated a Request for Proposals and hired the firm Michael Baker International (MBI) as the City’s independent environmental consultant. MBI’s review will include items such as: analysis of potential traffic, parking, and circulation impacts, geotechnical studies, air and water quality, noise, and aesthetics. The environmental analysis is in the initial phase of data collection and will be presented in detail at future public hearings with Planning Commission and City Council.

Notice of Preparation (PDF)

Initial Study (PDF)

If you have questions, please contact:

Colleen Doan, Community Development Director