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Award Winners
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Crisell + Associates - 2199 E. Willow Street
At the May 16, 2017 Planning Commission meeting, the Commission presented the 2nd quarter Beautification Award to Crisell + Associates, the property owner of 2199 E. Willow Street for the contemporary and attractive redesign of the building's exterior.

2H Office Building - 2653 Walnut Avenue
Award Photo 2H 2653 Walnut.jpg
At the April 18, 2017 Planning Commission meeting, the Commission presented the 1st quarter Beautification Award to 2H Construction, the property owner of 2653 Walnut Avenue, for the contemporary architecture design, which includes an open ceiling, glass rails, high end finishes, an inviting staff kitchen and break room space, and even a basketball free-throw court.

Historic House Restoration - 1790 E. Burnett Street
1790 E. Burnett St Realtor Side.jpg
At the April 18, 2017 Planning Commission meeting, the Commission presented the 1st quarter Beautification Award to Gary Severns, the property owner of 1790 E. Burnett Street.  Mr. Severns has restored the 1919 Craftsman style home with period appropriate custom Craftsmen doors, windows, fixtures and tile.

Proscape Landscape - 1446 E. Hill Street
Proscape Award Photo1.jpg
At the June 21, 2016 Planning Commission meeting, the Commission presented the 2nd quarter Beautification Award to the President and the Construction Manager of Proscape Landscape, David Fender and Colin Fender, at 1446 E. Hill Street for their innovative and unique landscaping of the property front yard. ProScape Landscape has: 
  • Designed an aesthetically pleasing yard with decorative rocks, plants, a stream bed and an ornamental bridge pathway.
  • Created two microclimates “sun and shade” for the north and east direction the property faces.
  • Replaced turf with various trees, plants, shrubs and other drought tolerant materials.
  • Replaced the conventional turf irrigation system with drip irrigation.
  • Diverted roof, rain gutter runoff and landscape runoff to a new bio-filtration swale stream bed.

As a result of their work, their annual landscape maintenance costs have been reduced by 80-90% and water consumption by 75-80%. In addition, they have reduced their carbon footprint by eliminating the need for weekly landscape maintenance which previously included mowing, edging, string, trimming, blowing and carbon-based fertilization. Proscape is happy to assist the City of Signal Hill and any local homeowner’s to achieve similar results.

Century Calibrating - 1101 E. 25th Street
Century Calibrating
At the Planning Commission meeting held on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, the Commission presented the Beautification Award to Loy Miller, Chief Financial Officer of Century Calibrating at 1101 E. 25th Street. The Planning Commission had selected the business for the 4th quarter Beautification Award.

Renovation started within a few months of acquisition, beginning with the interior parking lot and replacement of the fencing. At the same time the interior received new flooring and paint. A landscaper was hired, who removed approximately 65% of the turf or 450 sq.ft. Vines were planted in neat rows along the front and sides of the building and the inside of the parking area. The turf was replaced with rocks, bark, several trees, flowering garlic and other more water efficient plants. On the front of the property is a small sized pump jack which at one operated at more shallow oil fields (typically a depth up to 2,500 feet below the surface).

Century Calibrating has been in business since 1969. It is one of only 21 firms in California that is authorized to perform hydrostatic testing by the California Fire Marshall. Hydrostatic testing is a procedure to ensure the structural integrity of the pipeline and detect potential leakage. They also measure volumes of oil and fuels that flow through meters to determine that the meters are operating accurately. Century Calibrating is proud to be of service for the past 46 years and looks forward to the next 50 years.

Hilltop Neighborhood Residence
2799 E. 21st
At the Planning Commission meeting held on Tuesday, August 11, 2015, the Commission presented the Beautification Award to Richard Silva and James Gann of Vivir Properties, LLC, developers of 2799 E. 21st Street.

Vivir Properties has worked with Bozena Jaworski of RPP Architects on the design of the 3,629 square foot two-story single-family dwelling features 4 bedrooms, 4½ bathrooms and 3-car garage. The custom home features attention to details such as the hand-placed stone veneer on the exterior, large front deck, broad windows which create a welcome feeling, inviting garden area, and angular design.

The yard features a permeable driveway, minimal turf, decorative pathways that combine natural and hardscape materials, and use of water efficient landscape materials including decorative bark and ornamental grasses. The interior of the house includes a circular staircase to the upper floor, custom tile and plumbing features, hardwood floors throughout, a great room for living, dining and kitchen, and amazing views of Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Congratulations and thanks to Richard and James for creating such a beautiful home in our Signal Hill community.

Southeast Neighborhood Residence
2001 Obispo
At the May 12, 2015 Planning Commission meeting, the quarterly Beautification Award was presented to the owners of 2001 Obispo Avenue at the corner of Obispo and 20th Street – Mary and Nick De Los Reyes. Over the course of over a year they have:
  • Replaced the wood fencing on the side of the house with brick and overlaid it with a mosaic of rock in a variety of designs: rows, starbursts, circular and floral patterns including a spiral around the mailbox. 
  • Replanted with a variety of succulents and native California plants including Spanish lavender, Mexican heather, meadow sage, yarrow and bottlebrush. 
  • Created unique flowerbeds surrounded by rock groupings and stepping stones.

   Congratulations, Mary and Nick, on your beautiful home!

Hilltop Neighborhood Residence
In December, an award was also presented to a Hilltop neighborhood residence for construction of a retaining wall, generating more usable space and serving as a foundation for a 50 foot water feature. The retaining wall also showcases flowerbeds planted with ornamental grasses, which have also been planted in flowerbeds along the parkway. The retaining wall is topped with glass panels for transparency and metal railings for a clean, modern look.

Willow Ridge Community Association
Willow Ridge
The Beautification Award was presented at the Planning Commission in September to the Willow Ridge Community Association (HOA). Over the last several years, the HOA had repaired or replaced all wood and wrought iron; refurbished the pool, spa, decking and tennis courts; updated exterior lighting; and installed a drip irrigation system, decorative rocks and planted drought friendly plants. The HOA is planning to strategically reduce grass areas while maintaining the overall park atmosphere by removing approximately 3,100 square feet of grass in less visible areas and installing mulch and bushes.

Signal Hill Petroleum
Willow and Walnut
In June, 2014 the Planning Commission’s Beautification Award went to Signal Hill Petroleum for the landscape improvements to their property on Willow Street east of Walnut Avenue. The property surrounds drill site #3, one of seven consolidated drill sites covered by Conditional Use Permit 97-03 (CUP 97-03). The improvements include:

• New perimeter fencing with green screens
• Additional planting on all exterior sides including the corner of Willow Street and Walnut Avenue
• Installation of an automatic irrigation system

North End Neighborhood Residence
Award March 2014
In March, 2014 the award was presented to Teri Wohlgemuth and Paula Pelton for their home’s unique design and ornamentation. 

Teri and Paula’s hobby is pottery and this theme abounds throughout the home. The distinctive round front window provides a showcase for the custom pottery which they have created themselves. 
A prominent feature of the front yard is the “totem pole,” which is made out of rebar with pots suspended from it. These pots were once considered “rejects” but now serve as a beautiful ceramic display. 
Paula designed the teapot motif on the gate, which originated from a teapot made by a friend. The gates were fabricated by a local welder.

Previous winners include ...
  • The Police Facility at 2745 Walnut Avenue
  • Town Center East on Cherry Avenue and Willow Street
  • Boulevard Buick/GMC on Cherry Avenue
  • The EDCO recycling facility on California Avenue
  • Boulevard Cadillac on Cherry Avenue

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