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Top 10 Kids Fitness Tips
Kids fitness is completely different than fitness for adults. If you want your kids to be active and healthy then it's important to do what's right for them. Check out the top 10 kids fitness tips every parent should follow including the 5 things you should never do.

1. Encourage and facilitate your kids participation in activities they enjoy. They may want to play a sport, join the boy scouts, practice ballet, rollerblade or simply play on the monkey bars for hours. Whatever makes them happy is what they should do.

2. Seek out fun fitness classes and fitness professionals when you're at a loss. A few fun classes or sessions with a youth fitness trainer can spark interest simply because the instruction is coming from someone other than mom and dad.

3. Provide healthy snack options, promote small frequent meals, and limit sugar. This prevents mood swings, strange energy surges that often lead to wild behavior, and controls fat storage.

4. Set a good example by participating in some type of activity on a daily basis. Walk, wash the car, do a set of pushups, garden, or play a quick game of tag. Children love to imitate so take advantage and ask them to join in every chance you get.

5. Limit the amount of time kids spend in front of the t.v. and computer. A couple of hours a day is more than enough. Plan a certain number of hours a day when they are expected to be active to make it easier for them.

Top 5 Kids Fitness Mistakes to Avoid

6. Don't enroll your kids in strength training or fitness programs that are similar to yours.
Children need programs that are built around functional moves like frog jumps, duck walks, beam balancing, and a good game of tag. Even the top youth fitness trainers use functional fitness to train aspiring young athletes.

7. Don't force your kids to participate in activities that make them feel awkward. Organized sports are not good for uncoordinated children, martial arts are terrible for pacifists, and hiking may be boring for some kids. Match their activity with their personality for better results.

8. Don't put your kids on a "diet" even if they are struggling with their weight. This begins a cycle of bad eating habits and creates a bad relationship with food. Teach balance and moderation instead and practice what you preach!

9. Don't tell your kids to turn off the wii and get moving then sit around all day watching t.v. or surfing the net. It's like telling your kids not to smoke then lighting up in front of them. If you're too busy to play with them then get them to help you around the house.

10. Don't rely on gaming systems to get your kids active. Gaming won't develop their motor skills like outdoor activities do. Try active games with them instead. It may take more of your time but encourages an active life.

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