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Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement
2175 Cherry Ave.
Signal Hill, CA  90755

Ph: (562) 989-7340

Monday - Thursday
7:30 am - 5:30 pm

7:30 am - 4:30 pm
The Code Enforcement Program is responsible for ensuring that properties meet the standards of the Signal Hill Municipal Code. The goal of Code Enforcement is to enhance the quality of life in Signal Hill by encouraging the proper maintenance of commercial and residential property throughout the city.

To report a possible code violation for issues on private property, please contact us:

1) Via email at , or
2) Submit a request for maintenance services on-line.  Just fill in the date, your name and phone number, click on the Code Enforcement down arrow for the category, provide a brief description and address, click on the down arrow at Requested by to select Citizen Email, then submit.

We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and thank you for your report.

For concerns regarding sidewalks, parkways or street, please contact the
Public Works Department at (562) 989-7250.

Common Violations
As a property owner, you are responsible for keeping your property clean, attractive, and well-maintained. That just makes good sense! Residents must do their part to keep our neighborhoods attractive. Please carefully review the following list of common violations and take a walk around your property to make sure you are in compliance.

Common code violations include:
  • Oil well maintenance, noise or odor issues.  Read on 
  • Doing construction without the correct permits (for example, adding a room in a residential zone)
  • Having overgrown weeds, trash, or debris in the front or side yards in residential and commercial zones
  • Having walls or fences that exceed height limits, are falling down, need paint, or have broken parts or holes in residential and commercial zones
  • Over-filling trash containers or dumpsters in residential and commercial zones
  • Owning rundown buildings with peeling paint, graffiti, broken windows or doors, crumbling steps, or a deteriorated roof in residential and commercial zones
  • Parking boats, vehicles, trailers, or campers in the front or side yard instead of on the driveway in residential zones
  • Putting up free-standing canopies in residential zones for more than 72 hours
  • Storing inoperative vehicles on the property where they are visible from the street or alley in residential and commercial zones

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