The Operations Division of the Signal Hill Police Department consists of the Dispatchers/Jailers, the Patrol Bureau, the Detective Bureau, Community Outreach, and Volunteer Services.

Operations Lieutenant

SHPD Lt. Nick Davenport posing by a police carOperations Lieutenant Nick Davenport oversees the Operations Division of the Signal Hill Police Department.

Patrol Bureau

Officers assigned to the Patrol Bureau respond to all calls for service from the community. Between handling calls for service, patrol officers spend their time maintaining high visibility and enforcing traffic laws. Maintaining high visibility deters crime and increases the community's access to officers.

Review our Automated License Plate Reader Policy (PDF).

Detective Bureau

Personnel assigned to the Detective Bureau receive crime reports taken by patrol officers. They follow up leads and interview witnesses, victims, and suspects in an effort to successfully solve crimes. The detectives present the completed cases to the District Attorney's Office for criminal filing.